7 Dec Sled Driver Brian Shul, left, with New Atlas’s Loz Blain, Reno Air Race. SR Blackbird pilot Brian Shul with his book, Sled Driver. SR pilot. Sled Driver has ratings and 72 reviews. Kev said: I met Brian at Edwards AFB Open House airshow in October, As we were chatting Chuck Yeager wa. By Brian Shul. Sled Driver Flying the World’s Fastest Jet. PERFECT CONDITION! 3rd Edition. pages are perfect. GIFT condition! never fully opened up.

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Brian Shul

The delightfully detailed accounts of sler both mundane and exceptional, and In terms of writing, this book is no better or worse than whatever else is out there. This assignment required an astronaut type physical just to qualify, and Shul passed with no waivers. People often asked us if, because of this fact, it was fun to fly the jet.

As the pilot put it: Refresh and try again. The only practical way to recover the injured Shul would be by helicopter; and as it would likely be under fire from the enemy, Air Force Special Operations Command Pararescue teams were selected for the operation. You never flew it enough to get completely comfortable with the thing.

We didn’t say a word for those next 14 minutes. At this point, we weren’t really flying, but were falling in a slight bank. This was a short, quick read about one pilot’s experience with an amazing airplane. They figured I was gonna die, so they sent me to Kadena.

Nearby enemy patrols were driven back by the rescue teams using small arms, while larger groups of enemies or search parties were handled with heavy weapon outfitted operators or operators acting as forward air control. Air Force inventory inthe SR was the fastest, highest flying jet aircraft in t And there’s always people who’ve never heard it. Mar 20, Missy rated it really liked it. That was the very moment that I knew Walter and I had become a crew.

Once the team found Shul, he was given immediate medical treatment ensuring that the extraction would not result in further wounds or make his existing wounds worse. Except, nothing can prepare you for the acceleration and everything happening at once, it’s like “holy shit! I read the book once, then read it again the next day.

SR Blackbird pilot Brian Shul: My life at Mach

I must have had good instructors in my flying career, as something told me I better cross-check the gauges. It reads great now, I’m not afraid to say brjan. Book, dust jacket and binding in very good condition. Interesting, but not very good, read. You can walk up to it and touch it. Good detail of the engines, fuels and control thereof that have made this record beating plane.

SR-71 Blackbird pilot Brian Shul: My life at Mach 3.5

She was a very proud airplane, a very reliable airplane, she wanted a firm hand on the stick but don’t you manhandle. But in it flew faster than anyone has before in a jet. No American casualties occurred in the operation.

Hardcover brin, pages. Major Shul completed a year career in the Air Force.

Acclaimed physicist Stephen Hawking dies at Nov 06, vikram chandran rated it really liked it. When shuo sit in front of a blank computer screen, you’ve got all this excitement about writing this book. The most memorable of these is Sled Driver: He did some in-flight photography that’s amazing.

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Brian Shul: Books | eBay

He’s the fastest dude in the valley today, and he just wants everyone to know how much fun he is having in his new Hornet. The airplane still holds every speed and altitude record. Haven’t seen a Blackbird with my own eyes, but Briian happy that I’ve seen Lockheed A on board of the aircraft carrier Intrepid.

I banked the jet and started a gentle circling maneuver in hopes of picking up anything that looked like a field. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Apr 14, Jay rated it it was amazing. Who doesn’t remember the Blackbird from playing cards, movies or cartoons? Nice detailed descriptions of the joys and challenges the pilots had when flying the world’s fastest aircraft that has ever been built to date.

Of course, by now the sledd included kids falling off the tower and screaming as the heat of the jet singed their eyebrows.

Michio Kaku on science, the future and the new space race. There’s something romantic about flying on top of the world, faster than anyone else.