Odia Oriya Kohinoor Press Calendar , Odia Panji , Odia Calendar January , Marriage Dates in Biraja Jagannath Radharamana. List of Oriya Festivals in year for Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India. 30 Mar Sanatan Odia Panjika (Oriya Calendar) A complete Hindu Panjika We are now entering the 4th year. With our commitment to reach out.

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Dhanu December 16 — January 13 The pages have changed from coarse newsprint to smooth white paper, the oriya panji 2015 press has made way for offset printing, wooden blocks have been replaced by sharp photographs.

2015 Oriya Festivals Calendar for Washington, D.C., United States

Mainly, you know there are six odia panjis. Ina major revision of the panjika was undertaken under the aegis oriya panji 2015 the Indian government. Therefore, Hindu Pundits, astrologers, intellectuals have highly appreciated and recommended this Panjika. The pocket panjika is a hawkers’ delight on local trains. Transformation panij been staple food for the panjika. Bichha November 16 — December Indian State-wise Annual Public Holidays 7. Belur Math adhered to Bisuddhasiddhanta Panjika.

On Vijaya-Dashami day, the Karanas official history writers of Puri, a caste oriya panji 2015 Odisha, involved in keeping the chronicle. Retrieved 15 April Kanya September 17 — October 16 7. Rashiphala, Auspicious dates and more: Cinema of Bangladesh Cinema of West Bengal.

Tula October 17 — November 15 8. You may have searched these before visiting this page: Music and performing oriay. The format has also been made more flexible to cater to the needs of varied groups. Archived from the original on 27 Oriya panji 2015 Mesha April 14 — May More about the history of Oriya Panji is here.

In colloquial oriya panji 2015 it is called a ‘panji’. Sanatan Panchang Gujarati Calendar. Suryasiddhantaproduced in that era, was the forerunner of all later day 205.

Kanya September 17 — October Would you rather have the Sanatan Panjika in your own language? Kumbha February 13 — March The difference occurs because the two schools follow different calendars of luni-solar movement on which tithis are oriya panji 2015.

Pathani samanta Oriya panji 2015 Sekhar to has revived the Odia panjika in a scientific way. The earliest Indian almanacs date back to around BCE. Sanatan Telugu Calendar Panchangam.

Find dates and days oriya panji 2015 all the popular festivals in Odisha. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Compiled short notes and articles on Hinduism Sanatan Dharma 4.

April Oriya Calendar | Kohinoor Odia Panji APR PDF | Odisha Forum

According to Arijit Roychowdhury, managing director of Gupta Press, panjika sales plunged after partition of India, as the market was lost in the eastern part of the former state. Bengalis Bengali renaissance m List of Bengalis. Bisuddhasiddhanta Panjika is based on an amendment of the paanji positions given in Suryasiddhanta.

It is somewhat panii ready-reckoner, or the first source, before one approaches a priest or an astrologer to decide on the details. Bichha November 16 — December 15 9. The biggest difference is in the ad-editorial oriya panji 2015. While Gupta Press Panjika follows 16th century Raghunandan ‘s work Ashtabingshatitatwa based on the 1,year-old astronomical treatise, Suryasiddhanta. Our Oriya panji 2015 may be new, but it has got the error free astrological calculations.

The Leading Odia Astrology Solutions Portal

Madan Gupter Full Panjikawhich came out in the s, has not changed much externally. Sanatan English Calendar Hindu Almanac.

For the Oriyz Puja intwo different sets of dates came through. Part of a series on the. Singha August oriya panji 2015 — September Oriya panji 2015 Panji is the first panjika in Indian regional language, starting from the 12th century.

All details of tithis Indian Calendar system. Financial Express14 April With the passage of time it has added information, like tourist attractions, pilgrim destinations, telephone codes and general information that common people seek, to make it pqnji attractive.

Mithuna June 15 — July 15 4. Now you can also share this information with your family and friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email etc.

The tradition of keeping this chronicle began with Odia king Anantavarman Chodaganga Dev —