Enjoy the hot weather with these picnic recipes from Jamie Oliver; giving you delicious picnic food ideas that are sure to please friends and family alike. This easy brownie recipe from Jamie Oliver never disappoints. It’s totally foolproof , and packed with dark chocolate, chopped nuts, cocoa powder and sour.

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Classic guacamole

Dairy-free vanilla ice cream. Potted crab with asparagus. Greek-style quinoa salad bomb. No-bake vegan chocolate fudge bars.

Bloomin’ brilliant brownies

The ultimate spring quiche. The best vegan burger. Deseed, finely chop and scatter over the remaining chilli if you like more of a kick. Line a 24cm square baking tin with greaseproof paper. My special vegan kofte.

Easy vegan recipes | Jamie Oliver

Super Bowl Sunday Killer Nachos. Recent features Best recipe for gingerbread — and everything you need to make it! Share this Recipe Please enable functionality cookies to use this feature. Summer tomato and horseradish salad. Grilled radicchio with gorgonzola dressing. Crostini – tomato and olives.

ChocolateChristmasDinner PartyVegetarian. Please enable functionality cookies to access comments. Potato and rosemary focaccia. Snap the chocolate into a large bowl, add the butter and place over a pan of simmering water, until melted, stirring regularly.

Summer four-grain salad with garlic, lemon and herbs. Smoked mackerel pate with griddled toast and cress salad.

Couscous recipes | Jamie Oliver

Vegan toffee apple upside-down cake. Pukka pineapple with bashed-up mint sugar. South Indian pumpkin pickle. Easy peasy ginger beer. Minted peas under oil. Cooks In 10 minutes.

Classic guacamole Deliciously creamy with a hit of chilli. Retdte vegetables for your Christmas dinner. Sift the cocoa powder and flour into a separate bowl, add the baking powder and sugar, then mix together.

Please enable functionality cookies to access comments. Tray-baked artichokes with almonds, breadcrumbs and herbs. Sweetheart slaw with passion fruit dressing. Halloumi with griddled vegetables. Add the juice from 1 lime and 1 tablespoon of oil, then season to taste with sea salt, black pepper and more lime juice, if needed. Potato and rosemary focaccia. Growing vegetables at home: Gluten-free lemon millet biscuits. For more info on how we classify our lifestyle recipes please read our special diets fact sheetor for more information on how to plan your meals please see our special diets guidance.

Simple lemony spring greens.