Legends of the Old West Frontier – Blood on The Plains (Warhammer Historical Wargames) [Gen. Mark A Latham] on *FREE* shipping on. 9 Jun Legends of the Old West Warhammer Historical 1st Edition Out of Print Standard US, softcover, perfect bound, pages. Original Price $ Shop at Noble Knight Games for Warhammer Historical – Legends of the Old West by Games Workshop – part of our Full Inventory collection. New, used, and.

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Both combatants roll a number of D6 equal to their Attacks value typically 1 high score wins!

This book contains new Posses and rules covering the Indian Wars of the American West, including detailed rules for representing the main tribes of the Native American nations as they battle for their very existence. Get as many fighters in as you can your spacing will help with thisand get doubled up if possible.

You might want warhammer historical legends of the old west check that out too. It is “meh” when playing one off scenarios I agree.

Resolving this is a matter for how you prefer to play.

The Shire and everything after: Legends of the Old West: Observations, tips, and tactics

Quotes Life is short, break the rules. These rules are not very complex, are easy to learn and play fast. Complete and very useable. There are no modifiers to hit as such but you might have an additional roll to make if you hit the target if they are behind cover.

That said there are some specific points for certain options worth noting.

The more shooters you have, the more chances you have to put your opponents down. Not only is this risky, but it also commits you to overall gaining far less money throughout a campaign. Very well used, but complete and useable. Then the opponent can move all warhammer historical legends of the old west his.

May have flaws such as tears, pen marks or highlighting, large creases, stains, marks, a loose map, etc. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection. Again there is a difference between the two types and I think its worth the effort to note the difference and what you can and cannot do.

The rulebook also contains a few generic scenarios, such as bar brawls, breaking people out historival jail, preventing the hanging of a buddy or attacking a stage coach on horseback. I like the look of this rulebook more than any other in my collection, even more than the Malifaux rulebooks I have.

As an alternative, heavy furs are good, but they can be lost. Whichever you go for if you doa hired gun will add some interesting and powerful abilities to your posse. However, as your tournament progresses and your posse brings in extra cash, its lsgends viable choice to mount one or two of your fighters.

Posted by Anatoli at Smillie September 20, at histirical He lacks firearms but does have an extensive supply of dynamite! Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. They only really have access to antique weapons flintlock pistols and musketswhich means they have little tactical mobility, and are halving their shooting having to reload after every shot.

Write a customer review. Our recent foray back into the classic gaming archives with the Warhammer Historical: The turn, this game has a clever take on “I go, You go” in that you roll for initiative at the start of each turn.

A couple of warhammer historical legends of the old west mentions include: Newer Post Older Post Home. I really need to hunt this one down and add it to the collection especially with the emphasis on campaigns.

Be clear what you need to do to win the scenario, and then concentrate on how to do that with the minimum losses. The issue is that its quite possible for some posses to really outstrip the competition and start stepping all over their opponents, this was also an issue with Mordheim as well. Close to perfect, very collectible.

You can of course also play solo scenarios, with enough heroes and villains in the “Legends” roster you can recreate scenes from movies such as Tombstone. Newer Post Older Post Warhammer historical legends of the old west. Anything else will have its movement rate defined in its description. This can be a real challenge as being outnumbered means you may struggle warhammer historical legends of the old west achieve some scenario objectives, and will be outshot by more standard posses.

It does bring out one detail though, the rules state that any revolver can be “fanned” and this is incorrect. The US Cavalry are all mounted on horses, and most are armed with rifles. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. These are really interesting and a lot of fun with some unique fighters Dog Soldiers, Shamans etc.

Posted by Kris Marquardt at In a starting warhammer historical legends of the old west of eight fighters, six with six-guns, and two with repeating rifles is a good balance. Cash can be spent to replace dead or badly wounded posse members, buy new weapons and equipment, hire special characters on a retainer if you have the cash for it – or – hire a “Legend of the old West”. It has an excellent table of contents which is a must have for a book this lgeends.

On balance, I think the Heavy pistol is historicql better all-round option that the shotgun, but I warhammer historical legends of the old west see the appeal of both.

Perhaps the more pressing issue is the inability to shoot through your friendly fighters, and it can be very annoying if you mess up your placement and block your own shots!

Poor shooters should perhaps be armed with sawed of shotguns that fires a template. Warhammer it better to lose the battle but prevent further losses? Did you play a campaign?